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Right To Manage

Under the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 the Right to Manage came into force giving qualifying lessees the right to take over the management of their building without having to prove that the freeholder is at fault.  Once the Right to Manage Company (RTM) is set up Leaseholders are its principal shareholders, but the landlord is also able to own a share. The company has a Board of Directors who are elected by the Members / Shareholders of the Company.


Broadoak can provide advice and guidance to Leaseholders who are considering setting up a RTM Company which will include:

 Review of existing circumstances and whether RTM is suitable or whether there is an alternative

 How to form / set-up a RTM Company and registration with Companies House

 How to issue the required Notices (i.e. Participation Notice, Claim Notice)

 The benefits of appointing a managing agent and how to go about it




Considering Right to Manage?

Existing Right to Manage Companies - Why Choose Broadoak?

Broadoak provides flexible and tailored management services to RTM Companies because the requirements of every property and RTM Company Director is different.  We understand that whilst the majority of Directors will want to have an active involvement in the daily management others will want to be confident that the management and the statutory requirements of the company are in safe hands.  


At Broadoak we build long lasting relationships with RTM Companies and the associated Directors, which is based from the outset on a clear understanding of the service levels required and on mutual trust.  Communication with a personal touch is the key to these long lasting relationships and at Broadoak we provide all Directors and owner’s with a single point of contact with same day response to communication.  Open and honest communication on all matters is also essential, as ultimately it’s your money and you should now where it is going and why.    


If you are considering changing Managing Agent, our Directors would be happy to speak to you directly about how Broadoak have turned their developments around.  In addition, the transfer from the previous managing agent is not necessarily onerous, in the majority of cases we have been able to ensure a effective and seamless transfer within four weeks.  For more information on the key services that Broadoak can provide to RTM Companies please click here or give us a call on 01525 211548 where we would be pleased to discuss our services in more detail.


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