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Freehold Investors

We recognise that Freehold Landlords, who are frequently commercial investors, require the expertise of a professional managing agent who can relieve them of the burden of day-to-day management and can offer advice on up to date requirements of ever-increasing statutory legislation.


The lease of each block contains covenants for both the Leaseholder and the Freeholder (Landlord). We will ensure that the covenants are complied with, for example, in respect of sub-letting, preparation and maintenance of service charge accounts which are held in trust, disputes between leaseholders, and the maintenance of the development.


We offer our clients freedom from these concerns, allowing them to concentrate on the main core of their businesses. We can provide a service tailored to your particular requirements, including:


  • Invoice and collect Ground Rents on your behalf

  • Accept notices of registration relating to changes in ownership of individual flats

  • Maintain current property records for each flat

  • Deal with permissions for sub-letting

  • Negotiate sale of freeholds or lease extensions on your behalf

  • Advise on Deeds of Variation, Permissions for Alterations etc...


Expertise for Freehold Landlords

We are retained by a number of Freeholder Landlords, who are constantly looking to increase their investment portfolios. Should you own the freehold of a block and be interested in selling, we will be happy to advise and to put you in touch with our clients.



Selling a Freehold

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